Importance of conservation

By encouraging conservation, increasing investments in clean, renewable sources of energy, and promoting increased domestic production of oil and gas, we can build a more secure future for our country.
Ron Lewis

The above words said by Ron Lewis one of the renowned American politician now hold true in every sense. Success formula of all the advanced, successful counties and reason for their prosperous economy is that they control, safe and conserve there natural resources. They give back to mother Earth what all they have taken out of it.

Value of Conservation of our mother Earth and its resources has been incorporated in all Students OF Manav Bharti India International School since our primary school days.
All of us at Manav Bharti India International School have taken an oath to protect the Earth and Conserve its resources as much as possible.
We are encouraged to take part in activities like "Walk for water". Taking part in such activities make us appreciate the nature .

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